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Highlight selected items in data explorer on map

As a data explorer user, I want to be able to select items (clicking on the icons) and for these to be highlighted/displayed on the map upon closing DE, so that I can visualise the location of the items chosen.
Joshua Cavie about 1 year ago in Alloy Web 0 Future Consideration

Improve data explorer display visibility

Certain fields in Data Explorer cannot display data and be filtered. Instead, multiple attribute columns are required to display and filter data sets. These are not next to each other and when saving the queries the column locations change, meanin...
Guest 3 months ago in Alloy Web 0 Future Consideration

Workflows - Copy items easily to other lines

When creating workflows it would be good to copy items easily when using other functions like edit/create. When using filter you can copy and paste the AQS and edit the one part you may want to change, but items like create/edit you have to recrea...
Guest about 1 year ago in Alloy Web 1 Future Consideration

Make photos a mandatory option

Clients require us to take photos of each job/asset. Often operatives will forget requiring a revisit. If there was an option to make photos mandatory or certain designs/workflows, that would be great
Guest about 1 year ago in Alloy Mobile 2 Future Consideration

Entity Relation Diagram of ALL tables

The ability to generate an overall entity diagram of ALL tables, at the moment you can explore the selected table and see what is joined to it, or look at it through the navigator to go from table to table. or look at it from the graph view But it...
Guest 5 months ago in Alloy Web 1 Future Consideration

Collapsible groups or separators and headers for basemap layers

We now have 20 base maps (aerial photos, historic maps, scanned tiles) and it is looking unorganised. Having separators and headers or collapsible groups would be helpful.
Guest 4 months ago in Alloy Web 0 Future Consideration

Button to transfer form to stencil (& back)

Having just spent half an hour building a form for a new design, it would be great if there was a button to easily copy it over to the design's stencil. Likewise, many existing designs have stencils set up and it would be great to build forms from...
Guest about 1 month ago in Alloy Web 0 Future Consideration

Allow "Task Assigner" to assign to Team Member Level

Currently the "Task Assigner" interface only allows assignment to team and not team member level.
Guest about 1 year ago in Alloy Web 0 Added to Backlog

Permission out Completion Time from Mobile

Currently our crews are able to change the status of a job, however they are also able to then modify the completion time after this. If we permission them out of it, they are then unable to sync the job. Our crews should never be able to modify c...
Iwan Griffith-Blake 10 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Future Consideration

Simplified way to understand where a permission is applied for a given user

A way to understand where a how and where security is applied for any given attribute and design without having to explore each group and role
Guest about 1 year ago in Alloy Web 0 Added to Backlog