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Filter Inspection/Job types in Tab Settings

Over time many inspections or jobs may be added to a unit. The user then must scroll through to find a particular inspection or job to be viewed. Within tab settings could an Inspection or Job type be added so that the user could select which desi...
Guest 12 days ago in Alloy Mobile 0

Add .PRJ file to SHP shapefile exports for use in GIS ESRI software

When loading exported shapefile into corporate GIS ESRI software, it fails to load correctly as there isn't any projection coordinate data. Alloy doesn't provide the .prj file as part of the SHP export.
Guest 4 days ago in Alloy Web 0

Tooltips for attributes

It would be good to add tooltips for attributes on the mobile software (and web to be honest), so that a user can hover over an item and see more detail as to what is required for that attribute.
James Gladwin 4 days ago in Alloy Mobile 0

Hide activities card

The way we are setting up Alloy means that the user won't need to be able to create anything via the activities card. It would be good if we could do one of the followinf: Hide the activities card Hide the create buttons on the activities card (pr...
James Gladwin 4 days ago in Alloy Web 0

Handling of special characters in AQS queries

We were setting up different styles for a mapping layer based on one of the fields on a design. It wouldn't let us pull out records that had a > or a < in the field. I am assuming the same applies to + - and =. To get around it, those symbol...
James Gladwin 4 days ago in Alloy Web 0

Auto deletion of waste container Geometry from a Parent.

When a waste container is moved from one parent waste group to another, the Geometry of that container remains within the initial parent WG and has to be manually deleted from it. When the container is attached to the new parent its Geometry has t...
Michael Daw 18 days ago in Alloy Web 0

Option to display coordinates as Easting/Northing rather than Long/Lat

Many of our GIS applications utilise Easting/Northing whereas outputs from Alloy only provide Long/Lat coordinates. It would be beneficial to be able to choose which coordinate system you want to use when displaying Geometry of an item or a means ...
Paul Hocking about 1 month ago in Alloy Web 0 Added to Backlog

Could a scroll bar be added to the dash cards so that you can see more than 4 queries rather than having to wait for the card to refresh.

No description provided
Guest 28 days ago in Alloy Web 0 Will not implement

Alloy Updates - Videos

When new updates are issued by Yotta for Alloy it would be useful to have an accompanying video to show exactly what the new features are and how best to utilise them. The current method of screen shots only is quite basic and I feel users would b...
Jane MacMillan 7 months ago in Alloy Web 1 Future Consideration

Sorting waste containers into sequence within waste groups

We are sequencing waste containers within their waste groups, and while doing this we have noticed that after adjusting the order of the waste containers the changes are not saving. I have attached an example to show this.
John Paul Kennedy about 2 months ago in Alloy Web 0 Already exists