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Welcome to the Alloy Ideas Portal đź‘‹ Here, you'll be able to browse improvement ideas raised by our community, vote on ideas you agree with or even raise your own ideas. We review all ideas raised and we endeavour to respond to all raised ideas.

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Be able to delete photos you've added to an inspection.

to be able to delete photos you've added to the attachements when creating an inspection. we will benefit from this just in-case our workforce add pictures not related to the job by accident. rather than re-starting the inspection again they can j...
Guest 14 days ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Added to Backlog

Label Workflow Nodes

If a workflow node has an "Action Description" then have that description as a label, on the node, in the graph in the centre of the screen This would help to identify the node you're looking for much quicker in particularly large workflows
Guest 21 days ago in Alloy Web 0 Future Consideration

Allow us to specify order of items in item lookups

Item lookup lists are usually in a great order when we first import them, but over time become a bit of a jumble as the list is ordered by when items were last added/updated. This isn't a blocker, but does make the system look untidy and a little ...
Liam Brennan about 1 year ago in Alloy Web 4 Added to Backlog

Alloy Updates - Videos

When new updates are issued by Yotta for Alloy it would be useful to have an accompanying video to show exactly what the new features are and how best to utilise them. The current method of screen shots only is quite basic and I feel users would b...
Guest 3 months ago in Alloy Web 1 Future Consideration

Custom name exports

When creating exports, frustratingly I cannot custom name the exports before they leave Alloy. An example of when custom naming would be useful, 2 exports have same name because the design the AQS used, is the same. However the AQS created for eac...
Nicola Hussey 3 months ago in Alloy Web 0 Future Consideration

Background sync - still allow app to be used

Currently when a sync is performed you cannot do anything like complete inspection or raise a job. It would be good if we could have option of continual sync could be going on in the back ground it would keep device more up to date and reduce the ...
Guest about 1 year ago in Alloy Mobile 5 Future Consideration

Adding Jobs to existing projects

We think it would be beneficial to be able to add jobs to existing projects from the data explorer. Data explorer allows you to be more specific when selecting tasks, so you can narrow them down by status, date raised, or any other attributes. You...
Guest 20 days ago in Alloy Web 0 Added to Backlog

Waste Events Font Size

Adjusting the font size on the tablets does not affect the size of the font on the buttons for waste events. It would be great if there was an in-app setting where these buttons and the corresponding text could be made larger according to the user...
Guest about 1 month ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Future Consideration

Change Subject line in Workflow emails

When using workflows to send an email it would be useful to be able to change the subject line to better reflect the purpose of the email. When using these for multiple different notifications they can get lost in the noise if every one has the sa...
Liam Brennan about 1 year ago in Alloy Web 1 Future Consideration

Custom Report - More box fields & freedom to add across the page on reports + images

More box fields & lines that join to create more of a professional report built as there is lack of movement and fields available to create a report that you require. most importantly the placement of required fields is too rigid & more fr...
Guest 22 days ago in Alloy Web 1 Already exists