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Welcome to the Alloy Ideas Portal đź‘‹ Here, you'll be able to browse improvement ideas raised by our community, vote on ideas you agree with or even raise your own ideas. We review all ideas raised and we endeavour to respond to all raised ideas.

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Alloy Mobile

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Allow WMS and WMTS basemaps on Alloy Mobile

Background As defined in the help documentation, Alloy Mobile currently only allows for XYZ basemaps types. This limits the amount of basemaps available to us on mobile. This idea is to allow other basemap types, such as WMS and WMTS to be used on...
Andrew Hardyman-Richards 16 days ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Future Consideration

Item forms to work offline

If there is no signal when our inspectors click on 'add defect' (even if for a split second), the item form is not enforced, which means inspectors see lots of attributes that aren't applicable to them, and as a result causes a lot of problems. Ho...
James Gladwin about 2 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0

Control layers that show up on the app version vs Web Version

Often layers that created on the desktop are useful for those on site. Equally, sometimes layers are not required on the app. It would be useful to have some control over what is shared.
Christopher Anousis 29 days ago in Alloy Mobile 0

Deleting Job Work Items via Mobile App

When using Alloy Mobile you can add work items but you cannot delete incorrect ones. Our current workaround is to enter 0 to the estimated quantity and then delete post completion of the job using a bulk action. It would be better to be able to re...
Paul Hocking 4 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0

Tabs or drop down lists for SORs

Would be good for both mobile and web for SORs (job work items) to be tabbed or in a drop down sorted by their series number> (1200, 6300 etc). Rather than having to filter on words or specific numbers.
Guest about 2 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Future Consideration

Background sync - still allow app to be used

Currently when a sync is performed you cannot do anything like complete inspection or raise a job. It would be good if we could have option of continual sync could be going on in the back ground it would keep device more up to date and reduce the ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Alloy Mobile 6 Future Consideration

Set Issued time when task status is set to Issued

As an alloy user, I want Alloy to set the Issued time attribute automatically on setting the status to issued, in the same way that it already does this for completion time and cancelled time, so that I can have consistent behaviour across attribu...
Guest over 1 year ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Added to Backlog

Passcode log in

My suggestion if you could have something similar to what our organization has for when we sign into Outlook, once you have signed into the outlook app for the first time you only have to enter a six number passcode to access the app every time af...
Guest about 1 month ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Will not implement

Push notifications

Linked to background sync, if you have a new inspection or job assigned to you then if background sync was available push notifications could be added so people on site keep on top of things like emergency jobs or local inspections
Guest over 2 years ago in Alloy Mobile 2 Future Consideration

Pan map whilst editing geometry

On mobile when creating or editing geometry it is not possible to pan the map, making it extremely difficult/impossible to record liner assets such as ditches or pipe runs as the entire asset does not fit on the map screen when zoomed in sufficien...
Daniel Sheppard 11 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Added to Backlog