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Could a scroll bar be added to the dash cards so that you can see more than 4 queries rather than having to wait for the card to refresh.

No description provided
Guest over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 1 Will not implement

Integrate with National Underground Asset Register (NUAR)

As a works promoter, I want to see all underground infrastructure so that I can operate as safely as possible. I want to be able to see the contents of NUAR integrated within Alloy so that I don't have to use two systems at the same time. I apprec...
Guest over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 1 Future Consideration

Virtual field attribute

to be able to have a attribute which would automatically populate based on another attribute , especially based on a aqs query. e.g. if the geometry is within the township layer. to pull off the name of the township and populate it. This will save...
Guest over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 0 Already exists


We noticed a slightly confusing terminology in the work items form (please see attached screen shot). There is are a couple of columns with headers called 'estimated value' and 'actual value'. Could these possibly be changed to read 'estimat...
Tom H over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 1 Added to Backlog

Allow WMS services as a Layer Style

Currently styles must use WFS data and base maps can only use WMS/WMTS. We use a lot of public flood extent data, served in either WFS or WMS and in some cases it is only available in WMS. Adding this as a WMS base map does not work as this is sup...
Guest over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 0 Future Consideration

Being able to have different stencils and setting who can see them.

User Story - As an Admin I need to be able to see a lot of the attributes to managed the system easily, however an operative only needs to see the attributes related to repairing the asset. I think it would make things more efficient depending on ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 2 Already exists

Sorting waste containers into sequence within waste groups

We are sequencing waste containers within their waste groups, and while doing this we have noticed that after adjusting the order of the waste containers the changes are not saving. I have attached an example to show this.
John Paul Kennedy over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 1 Already exists

Adding Jobs to existing projects

We think it would be beneficial to be able to add jobs to existing projects from the data explorer. Data explorer allows you to be more specific when selecting tasks, so you can narrow them down by status, date raised, or any other attributes. You...
Guest over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 0 Added to Backlog

Label Workflow Nodes

If a workflow node has an "Action Description" then have that description as a label, on the node, in the graph in the centre of the screen This would help to identify the node you're looking for much quicker in particularly large workflows
Guest over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 0 Future Consideration

Custom Report - More box fields & freedom to add across the page on reports + images

More box fields & lines that join to create more of a professional report built as there is lack of movement and fields available to create a report that you require. most importantly the placement of required fields is too rigid & more fr...
Guest over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 1 Already exists