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Welcome to the Alloy Ideas Portal đź‘‹ Here, you'll be able to browse improvement ideas raised by our community, vote on ideas you agree with or even raise your own ideas. We review all ideas raised and we endeavour to respond to all raised ideas.

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Alloy Mobile

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Deleting Job Work Items via Mobile App

When using Alloy Mobile you can add work items but you cannot delete incorrect ones. Our current workaround is to enter 0 to the estimated quantity and then delete post completion of the job using a bulk action. It would be better to be able to re...
Paul Hocking 22 days ago in Alloy Mobile 0

Applicable To - Without Signal

If a user tries to add a Defect to an Asset, when on android mobile without internet connection. The device is unable to access the Applicable To design and allows any defect type to be created on the Asset. Could the Applicable To data be cached ...
Guest 4 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0

Back button prompt - Job Creation

When creating a job on mobile it is far too easy to hit the back button from entering attributes to the 'Select Job Type' menu - resulting in the loss of all data inputted. Could I request a feature for a prompt such as: "Are you sure you want to ...
Guest 5 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Added to Backlog

360 photos

be able to take a 360 photo against an asset ( like google photo sphere) as street view wont allow you to get close to an actual asset in a park. this would allow us to capture better views on assets outdoors and inside. plus it'd just be cool to ...
Guest 6 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Future Consideration

Add Geolocation Data to Images

Hi, Could photos taken, have their EXIF data updated to include the current location. Or somehow force geotagging of the photos?
Guest 6 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Added to Backlog

Mobile Item Form Expressions

Hi, Can item form expressions be fully supported on mobile devices?
Guest 6 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Added to Backlog

Add link to existing activity via related job/inspection/defects cards

Context Mobile operatives may come across reports (jobs) which have been reported more than once by a member of the public i.e. duplicate jobs. Their process is to link via the related job link attribute. User Story As a highways inspector I would...
Joe Curran 7 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Added to Backlog

Ability to add images to specific control in a custom item form, stencil or design

Hello :-) It would be really useful for us to have the ability to add images to specific fields in our designs. As an example, General Site Photo Photo of sign Photo of signpost Photo of the access door Photo of the base of the post Photos of visu...
Guest 7 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Added to Backlog

Add signature to items - ie electrical test

Currently if you create an adhoc electrical test the only way to add a signature is to raise the inspection then go back to the asset, try and find the inspection and create it. We really need to make this more usable for the gangs on site and hav...
Guest 7 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Future Consideration

Pan map whilst editing geometry

On mobile when creating or editing geometry it is not possible to pan the map, making it extremely difficult/impossible to record liner assets such as ditches or pipe runs as the entire asset does not fit on the map screen when zoomed in sufficien...
Daniel Sheppard 8 months ago in Alloy Mobile 0 Added to Backlog