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Allow hiding rarely-used designs from Search

As a web client Alloy user, I typically want to see only the designs or design interfaces of interest when I search into those categories, and not all of the System or Blueprinted designs that are rarely, if ever, used by me, in order to quickly s...
Konstantinos Nedas over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 0 Future Consideration

Reporting - text formatting

As a report writer, I need to style reports with the following requirements as legal reporting requires all text of names of referenced Acts to be in black and to be in bold.
Guest over 1 year ago in Alloy Web 2 Added to Backlog

Display DoDI name as well as attribute name for linked attributes in Data Explorer

User Story As a system admin I need to be able to choose attributes from various designs in data explorer and easily see on screen what DoDI the attribute. This will make using DE far more user friendly.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Alloy Web 0 Added to Backlog

Plot Data Explorer Query Results on Map

Currently you would have to recreate your query as a layer/style but it would be useful for the ability to build a query in data explorer and then be able to view these results on the map, rather than only being able to see the 1 item you select o...
Guest about 2 years ago in Alloy Web 3 Added to Backlog

Custom Tabs based on AQS Query

Provide the option to define custom tabs for designs by supplying the parameterised AQS queries. This is separate from stencil
Jonathan Shaw almost 3 years ago in Alloy Web 0 Added to Backlog